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Why are GPS jammers commonly used in cars?

Romo Hector 2022/08/17

  The GPS signal jamming system is designed to suppress signals from global satellite navigation GPS systems in the 1500-1600 MHz range. Jammers make it impossible for GPS satellites to monitor the location of cars and all vehicles via GPS, and GPS jammer devices do not interfere with cell phones and other devices. GPS jammers have a range of 5 to 15 meters, which is more than enough for cars and buses in cars and trucks, since trackers are usually installed in the cabin inside the car.

Why are GPS jammers commonly used in cars

GPS jammers fall into this category

  1. GPS positioning and navigation system, only need GPS jammers.

  2. COMPASS system, GLONASS system and Galileo system.

  3. Network positioning (mobile phone signal positioning) navigation + GPS navigation. For this type of navigation, you need a GSM GPS jammer.

  All GPS devices require a calling card. The current location information calculated by the GPS module is uploaded from the communication base station to the positioning server through the map for user query. The jammer uses the connection between the wireless electromagnetic wave jamming card and the communication base station to achieve GPS positioning, and the user cannot ask for this purpose.

  Mainly due to the release of radio interference waves, the GPS locator can be disabled in the specified electromagnetic band to form the same electromagnetic environment as the device to achieve the purpose of shielding the signal. Two ways to block GPS signals.

  Generally speaking, GPS positioning signals mostly use mobile phone signals, and the signal is blocked, causing all communication devices within the range to lose their signals. But such a device also has disadvantages for the users who use it: the signal jammer can only be turned on temporarily and cannot be used continuously, as long as the jammer is turned off, the GPS signal can be reused.

  If you don't know whether the GPS jammer you can buy is good or not, you can choose a brand. The brand you choose has good reviews, so the quality is generally guaranteed, but if the brand you choose is not good, it's not very good, and of course the quality is also a problem. Therefore, for non-professionals, it may be more helpful to choose products from well-known brands.