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Car GPS Jammers Make Travel Easier

Perfectjammer 2022/08/09

  While most motorists equip their cars with navigators, some already feel the need to protect themselves from the all-encompassing gaze of satellites dangling in space. GPS and GLONASS systems do an excellent job of tracking the position and movement of the sensors.

Car GPS Jammers Make Travel Easier

  But it also offers unparalleled monitoring capabilities. A humble sensor on any car is enough to know all its movements with high precision. In response to such a function, people in need of society have begun to produce various jammers that can suppress the signals exchanged with satellites.

  The working principle of GPS and GLONASS jammers is very simple. Of course, they cannot suppress the signal from the satellite itself. But they perfectly suppressed the signal from the sensor at some distance from the jammer. Such equipment generates noise on satellite frequencies. Furthermore, because these frequencies are very close (1575.42 MHz for GPS and 1602 MHz for GLONASS), a single jammer can jam the signals of both systems simultaneously.

  In order not to interfere with the movements of other drivers, the power of such devices is low. The usual range of action does not exceed 12-15 meters. That's enough to cover your car's trail with a mask without causing problems for others. For the tracking system, the vehicle will be marked as stationary.

  Of course, this signal suppressor is not only used by law-abiding citizens. For example, car thieves also take into account the fact that most new expensive foreign cars also have tracking sensors installed. Truck drivers often use gps jammer to hide their daytime activities from employers. But for many ordinary drivers, such a device can make life a lot easier.

  The signal suppressor is usually connected to the power supply of the cigarette lighter, and no additional settings are required, and the main work starts immediately. Some drivers worry that jammers can also interfere with cell phones, but modern jammers work so finely that they won't affect mobile communications or Wi-Fi.

  The only device that stopped working in the jamming zone was the car navigator. But in this case, the driver himself has to choose what is more important to him.

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