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What devices do jammers interfere with?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/15

  Some people may buy a jammer but aren't sure if the jammer will meet their needs or interfere with the gear they want to block. Which device can interfere with which channels?

  Signal jammers are electronic devices designed to block different frequency bands according to their specifications. These specifications can include many different frequencies that the jammer will successfully block.

What devices do jammers interfere with

  Therefore, the key to judging whether the jammer can interfere with the device you want is to see whether the work of the device requires signal transmission.

  Since cell phone jammers can interfere with phone calls, this is because phone calls require signal transmission, including GSM, 3G, and 4G. It's important to know that the calls are different in different places. So we should choose cell phone jammers that can block accurate local phone signals.

  In addition to cell phone jammers (corresponding to GSM, 3G, 4G signals), there are also GPS jammers that can block GPS signals. They interfere with gps trackers, gps navigators, etc. Likewise, Bluetooth WiFi jammers interfere with WiFi signals, blocking WiFi devices, wireless networks, etc. accordingly.

  In order to detect the function of the GPS jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

  So, if you plan to use WiFi and Bluetooth jammers, keep in mind that your own wireless internet is also blocked. And don't forget the satellite signal of the TV, because sometimes this exclusive interference can affect it if the frequency is the same.

  And some devices, such as landline phones, are not affected by any signal interference because they use lines. So even if you use a GSM/3G blocker, your landline will work.

  All in all, jammers can interfere with devices that require signal transmission, especially when they are at work. Therefore, before you choose a jammer, please confirm the signal you want to jam, and choose the jammer that meets your needs according to the signal.