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GPS Jammers Make Your Car Safer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/19

  Victoria Police will assess the use of jammers in the rapidly developing drone technology sector in the near future. The investigation into the suitability of the drones for future combat operations will continue, but there is no definite deadline for their decision.

GPS Jammers Make Your Car Safer

  For example, let's say you're walking on a crosswalk and you're texting, but you don't see a red light and your car is green. You start crossing the road, get hit by a car (especially if the driver texts you but doesn't see you), or the driver brakes poorly and hits the car behind you.

  Driving or crossing the street is not a problem. Texting while driving or walking can damage not only your life, but the lives of those around you. So let's turn our attention to the GPS jammers that make this possible. You should know that jewelry frequently exchanges signals with car alarm receivers.

  These signals are transmitted by radio waves of specific frequencies. Car alarms use different frequencies in different countries. Basically they are 868, 433 and 315MHz. It can vary by country and car immobilizer manufacturer, but the most common frequency in the US is 315MHz. That's why thieves and hijackers know which frequencies to use.

  The next thing you need to know is that when you lock the vehicle with the gem, a signal from one of these frequencies is sent to the vehicle's alert receiver at a specific frequency.

  This code tells the car to lock or unlock the doors, trunk and hood. This code catcher acts like a passive receiver. When you send such a signal to a car alarm receiver, a code reader reads this transmission and retrieves the code.