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Person locked by a gps locator

Perfectjammer 2022/08/10

  Whether you're locating business belongings or monitoring the location of a loved one, GPS locators have become an undeniably reliable tool. However, users are increasingly relying on these things, which gives hackers all the more reason to twist the system.

Person locked by a gps locator

  GPS monitoring equipment is mainly used for real-time location tracking, for monitoring assets and objects. Over the years, monitoring equipment has been used for legal tasks, including rescue missions, monitoring sex offenders or monitoring parole offenders. Among other things, it can be used to locate and protect fleets. The device helps fleet managers protect their vehicles and guarantee quick recovery in the event of their belongings being stolen, giving companies the opportunity to earn lower insurance premiums. In fact, these tracking devices have been used to track the whereabouts of spouses in order to understand potential cheating behavior.

  For these reasons, people need GPS locators to keep their devices working all the time. Ironically, however, GPS monitoring devices can also potentially compromise an individual's safety. If terrorists have access to vital location information on government property, or even a wife trying to catch her cheating husband.

  GPS signal jamming devices and other signal restraining devices

  Different methods of cluttering or disrupting GPS signals will also depend on the type of surveillance equipment used. The most direct way to avoid being stalked is to destroy the GPS device and make sure it doesn't recover. But if the intent is to covertly tamper with it without the knowledge of the installer, it is easy to block or impair the transmission of the tracking device by using these instruments:

  Metal shield

  This is the cheaper option. Simply encapsulate the tracking device with any metal covering such as brass mesh or lead camera film protector. Thieves allegedly used refrigerated trucks to transport vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices to avoid being tracked.

  GPS jammer

  GPS jammers are primarily sold online. Plug it into the 12v adapter in the vehicle and it will now jam the GPS radio signal within range.

  Cell phone signal jammer

  This device is a cell phone jammer, which means it avoids cell phone use. If automatic tracking devices are used, this jammer will prevent wireless trackers from sending real-time location updates.

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