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User is unaware that inaccurate navigation is being received

Cox Nicole 2022/08/13

  Pyongyang used Russian-designed military jammers to conduct more than 100 strikes against military-civilian sea and air traffic near the demilitarized zone. The disturbance reportedly affected more than 1,000 civilian aircraft, hundreds of fishing boats, cell phone services and car navigation systems, each of which systematically targeted infrastructure.

User is unaware that inaccurate navigation is being received

  Of course, under certain predictable circumstances, interference is possible. Military systems that rely on GPS, such as drones used in conflict zones or near the borders of “enemy” countries, are vulnerable to jamming and deception.

  If within a similar proximity range of a military jammer, jamming from civilian systems could be compromised.

  Therefore, the anti-jamming technology in these fields should be improved in practice. Governments in countries whose populations may be affected by electronic warfare methods will be under sufficient pressure to act.

  The Black Sea jamming report, which affected the situational awareness of about 20 ships, will present a serious error that can be quickly corrected. This can be disastrous in situations that lead to temporary disorientation. Indiscriminate interference with ships on the Korean peninsula is largely negligible, as ships have alternative navigation systems and methods.

  But momentary and targeted GPS jamming can affect systems such as automatic identification systems, which often use GPS receivers.

  Jammers can temporarily affect the positioning data of ships up to 10 meters long, which can be very dangerous in narrow, busy straits.

  In a real-world example, transient GPS jamming was identified as a possible cause of the collision of two large ships in the busy Kilvers waterway in Germany.

  Use and impact of small gps jammer devices There is growing concern about the widespread availability and use of small pocket-sized "privacy" jamming devices, and the potential for homemade jamming devices.

  Privacy-seeking jammers are commonly used by drivers in the trucking industry to stop their managers from tracking their location, and can be purchased online for less than $70.

  These small jamming devices can jam from a few meters to 9 miles away. They are more difficult to detect and locate than powerful military equipment.