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How do inmates in prisons use mobile phones?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/15

  Prisoners with access to cell phones can pose a significant risk. Unfortunately, this usually involves more than just late-night phone calls with relatives or friends.

  Cell phones can also be used to facilitate criminal activity outside of prisons. Criminals can use them to buy and sell illegal substances, allow them to continue their crimes, etc.

How do inmates in prisons use mobile phones?

  Cell phones can be used to communicate with other prisoners or illegal organizations. It is not uncommon for a group of prisoners to use their cell phones to organize a riot.

  Cell phones are also frequently used for gang activities. The latter usually involves targeting a member of another gang or someone seen as a threat.

  In many cases, tourists have attempted to smuggle cellphones into prisons. Depending on the security level of that particular facility, this may be relatively difficult or nearly impossible. Prisoners also sometimes try to steal cellphones from prison guards or staff.

  In rare cases, corrupt guards can smuggle cell phones and then try to sell them to prisoners in exchange for cash, drugs, etc.

  While prisoners can get their phones from the outside world in a number of ways, it's hard to stop them.

  A cell phone jammer is a device that disrupts the communication layer that a cell phone can establish. In fact, this is accomplished by transmitting signals within the same radio frequencies used by cell phones.

  This would cause the phone to not work properly and not be able to locate the prisoner's current location. The GPS signal jamming signal can be configured to increase or decrease the radius at which the jamming effect occurs.

  If deployed, it could allow prison officials to jam the signal only in the prison area where inmates live. This range of functions can also be adjusted as required.

  Not only does this prevent prisoners from engaging in illegal activities, it also forces them to use monitored phone lines for external communications. This greatly reduces the chances of prisoners coordinating attacks inside and outside the prison walls.

  Using a signal jammer is as easy as activating your device. However, to get the most out of it, you need to identify your needs.

  These will be affected by the size of your facility, the type of people suspected of having cell phones, and how your prisoners move throughout the day.

  For example, you may need to adjust the radius of the GPS jammer or use additional jammers when prisoners go to eat in the cafeteria or chat in the yard. The same is true when they take a bath.

  As long as the above factors are considered, you will find that it is relatively easy to implement a signal jammer in your facility and can improve the safety of everyone in the prison facility.

  Using a GPS jammers is invaluable, so you must follow the guidelines above. This helps ensure that you can use signal jammers appropriately, making prison facilities safer than ever.