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How damaging can the interference from jammers be?

Cox Nicole 2022/08/13

  Since its creation, GPS has quickly become an essential tool in global security systems.

  The ability of GPS/GNSS systems to provide accurate location information at all times is invaluable to governments, militaries, and other high-level organizations.

How damaging can the interference from jammers be

  However, there is a threat of jamming technologies, such as GPS jamming. Using a simulator can mitigate the dangers of GPS interference. But how destructive can interference from jamming systems be?

  The United States relies heavily on GPS for different applications, from maritime and air navigation to mapping and tracking. Jamming devices are radio frequency transmitters that can interfere with various communication platforms, such as phones, Wi-Fi networks, and GPS technology.

  GPS jammers are also getting more powerful. Recent tests of a military GPS jammer have shown that it can disable satellite navigation. Many people think that the use of GPS is limited to high-level organizations, but this is far from the truth. GPS can also affect your daily life, as new cars and mobile devices often have GPS functionality installed.

  Signal jammers have become more common in recent years, making them even more dangerous. In fact, so common, you can find them for sale on Amazon for less than $60. Worst of all, anyone can use these jammers.

  Say you're using an app like Google Maps to locate a destination, signal interference from a GPS jammer might mislead you to another location, and there's the fact that GPS jammers are easy to use.

  In addition to cheap GPS jammers found online, powerful GPS jammers can also divert large ships from their intended course. Leading experts in the field of GPS systems believe this could pave the way for a new type of electronic warfare.