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Jamming devices to protect confidentiality of information and privacy of whereabouts

Perfectjammer 2022/08/18

  As a woman, are you or someone close to you being stalked? Have you seen such news? Today, the development of technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but at the same time, it has also provided opportunities for bad guys and criminals. We often see such social news on the Internet or in newspapers. I haven't experienced anything like this, but I do see a lot of similar stories.

Jamming devices to protect confidentiality of information and privacy of whereabouts

  In late February, a Nagoya man in Japan was arrested by Aichi prefectural police on suspicion of violating the Tracking Control Act for allegedly installing a GPS device in the car of a female acquaintance and monitoring her behavior. The man admitted the charges when he "had a crush on a woman" during a police interrogation.

  Between September last year and February this year, the man was rumored to have surreptitiously installed a GPS device on the minibus of a woman he met online to spy on her, and posted messages online that he was monitoring her behavior. Board swap tracking.

  To be precise, putting a GPS device in someone else's car and posting on the internet they are monitoring their behavior so the victim knows it's a crime.

  Is the act of installing a GPS device considered a crime?

  In fact, under current law, there is no penalty for installing a GPS device in a car.

  At this time, the role of GPS jammers comes into play. One day, it will interfere with the GPS in your location so that the GPS can't detect the signal and the interested person won't get your location information. Protect yourself by avoiding attacks. I think it is necessary to buy a female radio wave jammer. What's more, it's like a small phone, and it's not too expensive.