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The GPS signal is interfered, and the mobile phone cannot send the location

Perfectjammer 2022/08/11

  In the movie, the terrorists "disappeared" a hijacked police car with an advanced positioning device by installing a GPS signal jammer. Recently, this scene in the movie has been continuously presented in practice: someone illegally installs a GPS signal jammer in the parking lot in order to make the pawn car "invisible". In this way, the pawn car is "invisible" , but the surrounding mobile phone communication, GPS navigation and positioning and other signals are also interfered with and cannot be used normally.

The GPS signal is interfered, and the mobile phone cannot send the location

  In recent years, a telecommunications company has been continuously receiving complaints from users of a real estate in an urban area, saying that sometimes there are situations such as no mobile phone signal, inability to make calls, and inability to access the Internet in this area.

  After monitoring, the operation center found that this situation is mainly due to the interference of multiple base stations in the area. In order to find out the interference situation of the base station, the staff of the center cooperated with the legal personnel of the Municipal Radio Management Office to monitor the interference source in the area, and quickly located the interference source in a nearby large home.

  Due to the interference of the GPS signal, I can't send you the location right now. Because the location of the big home is relatively remote, in order to find the location as soon as possible, the interviewer asked the legal personnel to send the reporter the location of the mobile phone, but was told that the location could not be sent.

  Even the mobile phone can't send the location, it seems that the GPS signal in this area is blocked enough. However, when the reporter arrived at the scene, they found that the GPS signal in the area suddenly returned to normal. The interviewer followed the legal officers into a parking lot of the compound and found some more luxurious vehicles parked in the parking lot, but the legal officers did not find GPS jammers installed in the parking lot. In this regard, the other party said that they did not install GPS signal jammers.

  It may be that they found us to check, and secretly closed and put away the GPS signal jammer. A legal officer of the Radio Regulatory Office informed the interviewers that such a situation had been encountered in previous laws. However, as long as the other party activates the GPS signal jammer, they can accurately monitor it.

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