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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Old Cell Phone Black Block

Siakir Deria 2022-02-20

There is a radio monitor that can help with electromagnetic signals in those frequency bands that Old Cell Phone Black Block can't care about. Before the start of the test, the signal strength generated by various legal radio wave devices such as mobile phones, radios, and televisions around the test room are recorded in the test room. Qi Qi starts, cell phone jammer can receive all the signals in the entire radio wave band, when the cheating tool starts to send answers to the test room, there will be "an extra piece" of radio wave signal of unknown origin on the monitor, and the signal of the cheating tool is very difficult Escape the sophisticated detector ears.

When candidates cheat, when the sender and receiver are communicating inside and outside the test room, "precious information" such as ABCD answers must first be converted into binary numbers, encoded, and encrypted if necessary, and then the electromagnetic waves in the used band will be processed. Modulation, loads the information on the electromagnetic wave signal, which is sent by the antenna of the transmitter, Old Cell Phone Black Block The other party in the examination room decodes and demodulates, and restores the ABCD information. However, with this wireless detector, it is possible to get a clear picture of how the signals used by both sides of the cheating method transmit information within a few seconds. Say what. No matter how sophisticated the equipment used by cheaters is, the nature of electromagnetic waves "big near and far small" must exist. By relying on multiple monitors placed in different positions, the signal can be calculated according to the distance and the strength of the signal. The position of the launcher, the answer launcher was captured on the spot.