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Radiation from GPS jammers can destroy surrounding signals

Haque Sameer April 02, 2021 10:30

GPS is not only used for driving or leisure, but also for industrial or safety applications: gps jammer, you may endanger individuals and professionals, and cause industrial accidents. Your responsibilities will be fulfilled.

GPS jammer is a material prohibited by France. It broadcasts parasitic signals and disrupts the frequency of geolocation service satellites: it makes satellite geolocation systems such as GPS or Galileo unusable, but is increasingly used in the following areas Activities-transportation (land, river, air or sea), agricultural machinery guides, mobile phones and Internet services, broadcasting and even services that require time reference, such as transactions conducted by banks. Then, GPS jammers will destroy all GPS nearby, whether they are in airplanes, cars, ships, mobile relays, or TV relays. The radiation of GPS jammers is never limited to narrow spaces, such as the interior of a vehicle. These devices have a greater range: depending on their power, they interrupt GPS systems tens or even hundreds of meters away.

According to the law, import, publicity, free or expensive transfer, use, installation, possession and use of GPS jammers, except for the needs of public order, belong to the scope of national defense and national security, or public judicial services, are strictly forbidden and impose the highest A fine of 30,000 Euros and a six-month imprisonment penalty-CPCE L33-3-1 and L39-1 ("Post and Telecommunications Law").

One of ANFR's tasks is spectrum control, which includes ensuring the availability of applications that depend on radio resources. In this case, ANFR handles the interference to the GPS frequency, reports it to it and intervenes on-site to locate and identify the emissions causing the interference. During this type of intervention, ANFR repeatedly identified the presence of GPS jammers. For example, after a civil aviation complaint, ANFR intervened at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport, and the pilot used GPS during take-off and landing. According to this report, the swearing-in agent of the Lyon Regional Services Department discovered the use of GPS jammers installed on driver trucks that do not want to be "tracked" by their employers and often pass near the airport.