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Maker Tv Show Cell Phone Blocker

Polecsak Andras 2022-01-22

In the information age, the confidentiality issues related to wireless communication are increasingly manifested in different fields. In recent years, the confidentiality and security of my country's national defense information, economic information, and scientific and technological information have been continuously challenged by various aspects at home and abroad. In this regard, my country's relevant regulations clearly stipulate: "It is strictly forbidden to carry and use public network mobile phones during operations, preparations, training, and exercises; it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones into the war room, intelligence room, confidential room, communication room Hubs, secret-related venues, military aircraft and ship cabins, important warehouses, missile launch sites, weapons and equipment testing grounds, war preparation projects and other secret-related sites.” In fact, some developed countries’ intelligence departments, military and important government departments prohibit When using mobile phones in the office, even closed mobile phones are not allowed to be brought in. Maker Tv Show Cell Phone Blocker devices are also installed in the room to prevent whoever sneaks in a second mobile phone.

In response to the requirement that party and government organs and troops are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones into secret-related places, combined with the fact that individual secret-related places are close to the communication base station (strong signal), the shielding effect of Maker Tv Show Cell Phone Blocker (conferencing machine) may not be obvious, and the interference of mobile communication may be eliminated. In the event that the security work method has a certain impact on the surrounding non-shielded areas, the subordinate units of the State Security Bureau (National Security, Aerospace Runpu, etc.) have developed and produced new cell phone jammer devices: mobile phone shielding cabinets (also known as mobile phone shielding storage cabinets, mobile phone storage cabinets, Mobile phone security storage cabinet, mobile phone security storage cabinet). The device has a strict structure design, the interior is electroplated, and the surface is painted at high temperature; it has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, strong radiation resistance, and can effectively suppress the leakage of mobile phone signals; Store multiple mobile phones at the same time, each drawer adopts one machine and one format safety electronic lock for independent management. It is suitable for centralized management of mobile phones in secret-related places such as party and government organs, military office buildings, conference rooms, etc.