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What are the influencing factors of mobile phone jammers

Hoffman Stephen April 12, 2021 10:30

The mobile phone jammer is used to shield the mobile phone signal and realize the control of the mobile phone. In the test, in order to prevent the mobile phone from cheating, the signal jammer is usually turned on. In some important meetings, the signal jammer is turned on to prevent someone from using the mobile phone to leak company secrets. Turn on mobile cell phone jammer in prisons to prevent prisoners from hiding their mobile phones from the outside world. So what are the factors that affect the shielding effect of mobile phone jammers?

The power of mobile phone jammers The power of mobile phone jammers can be large or small. The shielding distance ofsignal jammers is relatively far, and for places with strong signals, such as a base station between 100 and 200 meters or a mobile phone signal installed Jammers will all affect the shielding effect of signal jammers. At this time, jammers with can be used to suppress mobile phone signals.

Indoor and outdoor effects on cell phone jammers

Indoor use and outdoor use are different. Indoor use and outdoor use will also affect the shielding effect of mobile phone jammers, including through walls and the separation distance between buildings. The position and spacing of the video signal and the position of the mobile phone shielding area also endanger the actual effect of shielding.

In the actual use environment, due to the different characteristics of the direction and distance of the signal tower, there may be dozens of channels for the user's mobile phone to automatically select in the same environment, and the difference in field strength between indoor and outdoor, and the ground and metal objects interfere with the signal of the mobile phone. The shielding effect of the device will have an impact.

Therefore, when selecting a signal jammer, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the environmental area and shielding distance of the shielded place, and conduct a thorough analysis of the local signal, whether there are base stations around it, and the structure of the building. Recommend suitable signal jammers for customers!

A good mobile cell phone jammer should be green and environmentally friendly, the electromagnetic field strength is lower than the national standard, and it is harmless to the human body; and it only shields the mobile phone signal in the test room, has no impact on the mobile phone outside the test room, and will not cause interference to the base station. A good shielding device has absolute quality, and Chengdu Saiyue Communication is a company that focuses on this. It has a unique cooling vent and dual fan design to ensure long-term continuous and stable operation; built-in switching power supply to ensure the stability and accuracy of the signal; simple operation, it can run automatically when the power is turned on; the slow-start circuit design can effectively avoid There is a spark phenomenon when starting up; imported high-performance integrated circuits and SMD components are selected.