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Cell Phone Jammer Using Arduino Uno

Banuelos Israel 2021-5-29

The classroom is usually not very large, so it is recommended to use Cell Phone Jammer Using Arduino Uno. This is very convenient to carry and use. You only need to press a button to open it. Of course, you don’t have to worry about emergency situations where someone needs to call you. They can leave the classroom and call without disturbing others. Or, you can turn off the interference device as needed. Some devices can interfere with telephone signals. In essence, it pretends to be a base station, not a base station. The problem with this is that it disables emergency calls. In theory, when the phone is in an unauthorized location, you can achieve the function of switching the phone to "silent mode" (because the operator always knows the location of the phone). However, no one proposed it as a product or standard, but it is not particularly difficult. You may have to pay for this because you are the owner of a movie theater or a restaurant. cell phone jammer

I have some understanding of smartCell Phone Jammer Using Arduino Uno. We will use this equipment in a large proving ground. In fact, it has been widely used in prisons before being used in the proving ground. Prisoners are forbidden to contact the outside world. The prison cannot guarantee that you do not have a mobile phone. In this case, WiFi blocking is effective. It can intercept phone signals within a radius of several kilometers to several hundred meters. I often see people using smartphones to chat in corporate and private places. The mobile phone signal jammer is installed in such a place. Purchase a mobile phone jammer according to the person's situation. I put it in my pocket or purse. It is very suitable for temples, churches and other places. If you want to interfere with the telephone signal, you should follow the method of interfering with radio and other communications.