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Cell Phone Jammer Laws Canada

Bonj Amie 2021-09-26

Not long ago, the Radiocommunication Management Committee proposed to issue a set of drafts prohibiting unauthorized use of Cell Phone Jammer Laws Canada . The draft has passed the executive meeting of the provincial government and is now reviewed by the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress. The promulgation of this regulation can regulate the mobile phone jammer market, and it has made clear regulations on those occasions and departments that can use mobile phone signal jammers. Clearly stated in cell phone jammer It is prohibited to set up and use public mobile communication signal jammers without authorization, such as mobile phone signal jammers.

The use of secret-related places such as some agencies, schools, etc. needs to be approved by the department of confidentiality administration and radio management at the provincial and municipal level and above, and shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the specified transmission frequency, shielding range, transmission power, Cell Phone Jammer Laws Canada length of use time, etc. If it violates the regulations and fails to use it in accordance with the above regulations, if it causes social harm, it shall be ordered by the radio management department to rectify and cause serious consequences, and it may be investigated for legal responsibility.