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Can You Block An Incoming Number On Your Cell Phone How To Block The Signal?

Perfectjammer 2022/04/24

The 2021 college entrance examination can be described as a major news! That is, a candidate in Wuhan City, Hubei Province searched for the answers to the exam questions on a mobile APP based on his mobile phone, and successfully cheated in the examination room. Fortunately, he was later queried by an APP related personnel and the activation of the background management surveillance camera. Fraudulent personal behavior, this matter quickly spread all over the country, both young and old seem to have already known about this matter, so as a college entrance examination room with extremely strict management methods and supervision, how did this Wuhan candidate search for answers online based on his mobile phone what about? In fact, it is not a problem for candidates to bring their mobile phones to the examination room. They can bypass the scanners on the mobile phones by holding a coat or other objects, although many people know that this can be done, and this Wuhan candidate also did this. . However, after entering the examination room, the mobile phone is like a piece of scrap metal, without any effect, because Can You Block An Incoming Number On Your Cell Phone will appear in the examination room, according to the signal of the mobile phone is blocked, then the mobile phone can only make emergency calls, other phone calls are already online. It can’t be achieved, except for one that occurs every year. This Wuhan candidate took a photo of the test questions based on his mobile phone, and then used the mobile phone traffic to upload the test questions to an APP to find answers. How did she guarantee it? cell phone jammer did not block its mobile phone signal?

First of all, you must understand the basic functions of the shielding mobile phone signal meter. Can You Block An Incoming Number On Your Cell Phone During work, a wireless signal that specifically interferes with mobile phone signals will be sent. Then, various problems will be encountered during transmission over long distances, resulting in signal degradation, such as the original reinforced concrete road obstructions, There are different degrees of error in the wood block, etc. For example, reinforced concrete smoke shielding can basically completely attenuate the shielding device of the mobile phone signal, and the shielding device usually bypasses the shield. After all, the mobile phone signal jammer cannot penetrate too thick walls. And there are many different materials that have different degrees of attenuation for shielding mobile phone signal equipment. For example, if the wall is made of wood, the attenuation will be lower, and other materials such as glass, plaster, and boxes will have lower attenuation. , and some shielding mobile phone signal equipment will have a certain impact on the equipment through the direct and reflection of doors and windows, so people have the illusion of penetrating ability.