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Block Unknown Callers On My Cell Phone Eliminates Cheating In The College Entrance Examination

Perfectjammer 2022/04/21

French officials say the industry minister has approved a decision to allow cinemas, concert halls, theaters and other places to install Block Unknown Callers On My Cell Phone while emergency services remain open. In a statement from the French Ministry of Industry, the Minister of Industry, Dividjian, expressed his support for the decision of the Telecommunications Authority to allow the installation of mobile phone jammers in cinemas on Friday; however, the minister noted that emergency telephone services and broadcasting outside theatres and other performance venues do not should be affected. With the end of the English test bell at 5 pm on the 8th, "the hammer fell". Although the test scores of the candidates vary, there is one thing that everyone agrees on. This year's college entrance examination is well organized. The five measures effectively put an end to cheating in the college entrance examination, fully reflecting the fairness of the college entrance examination. Both volumes A and B are anti-plagiarism.

This year's college entrance examination room still distributes A and B test papers. Candidates are divided into Block A and Block B, arranged in a plum blossom shape, answer the questions separately, and make their own block test papers. There is no adjacent test paper for any examinee, which effectively prevents plagiarism among examinees in the examination room. Metal detectors detect cheating devices. Before the start of each test, each candidate must undergo a safety inspection by a metal detector. All kinds of cheating equipment are prohibited from entering the test room, which effectively prevents cheating using communication tools inside and outside the test room. Use communication information Block Unknown Callers On My Cell Phone . Each examination room and examination room office is equipped with cell phone jammer , which shields various communication information inside and outside the examination room, makes the appearance of the examination room a communication information vacuum, and effectively prevents candidates from using communication to cheat information transmission.