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Verizon Wireless Blocking Cell Phone Numbers Not Full Coverage

Perfectjammer 2022/04/22

Verizon Wireless Blocking Cell Phone Numbers In the examination room, in order to completely suppress the signals of all frequency bands of the three major operators, it is necessary to cover all the above 5G signal frequency bands, which is the most important criterion for signal shielding. At the same time, the impact compressive strength of mobile communication signals is divided into 5 levels. It is generally believed that only the impact above level 4 will cause great harm to the communication signal. Normal access to the Internet is also the guarantee of the quality of signal shielding. The influence of the signal shielding device in the examination room can generally reach level 5, making the mobile phone a "brick". The sales market of cell phone jammer is not large, and it is only used in major exams, conferences and its unique venues, which makes it difficult for mobile phone jammer manufacturing companies to invest a lot of time, energy and assets to upgrade mobile phone signals. Jammers, when the 5G signals of the three major operators are in different frequency bands, many mobile phone jammers cannot guarantee full coverage of the 5G commercial frequency band.

Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers and schools using Verizon Wireless Blocking Cell Phone Numbers . In the college entrance examination, the special 5g mobile phone signal shielding device for the examination room is also used, which can effectively prevent the candidates from cheating in the examination room. The price of the special signal shielding device for the examination room needs to be based on different It depends on the needs and configuration. The common models on the market are standard versions, with a built-in 10-channel antenna blocker, which can effectively block 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 2.4G, wifi and other wireless signals. When choosing a mobile phone jammer in the examination room, you need to choose whether you can increase the channel frequency band, 5.8Gwifi and walkie-talkie frequency bands, according to the use site. If the examination room is too large or there are too many obstructions, it is necessary to increase the channel and frequency band of the 5g mobile phone signal jammer. For example, if you choose an external signal jammer, you can add 12 channels, and if you choose a built-in signal jammer, you can increase it to 14 channels. More than 18 channels, the more channels, the better the effect. Generally, the test room only needs 12 built-in channels to meet the needs of 5g signal shielding.