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Can 69 Override A Block On A Cell Phone Can Block The Communication Base Station?

Perfectjammer 2022/04/22

At this stage, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have built hundreds of thousands of communication base stations all over the country. The output power and number of wireless channels of each communication base station are different, and the distance between each communication base station and the cell is different. , It is generally recommended that there are two or three hundred meters around the monitoring area with the Can 69 Override A Block On A Cell Phone system. It is very good that there is no need for a communication base station. If there is a communication base station, the key points must take into account the hazards caused by the communication base station being too close and the Cell Phone Jammer data signal being too strong! From The hazards of the reasonable layout of various engineering buildings in the cell, the operating scale, total number of engineering buildings, structure, size, and floor height of each cell are different, the location, output power, landform and other factors of the communication base stations on the mobile phones near each cell They are all different, and the data signals transmitted from the remote communication base stations are also different. How to set up points in each cell must be designed and produced according to the specific situation on the spot!

In some areas, mobile phone jammers must be used for a long time. Therefore, the new signal jammer should have excellent aging resistance, and can bear the need for continuous operation throughout the year in extreme natural environments. Management, lightning protection and many other aspects of the work ability, if it is used in outdoor applications, it should also have the ability to work in the field. Can 69 Override A Block On A Cell Phone In the case of work, it will cause heat, especially when the temperature is high in summer and it must be operated without interruption for 24 hours, the heat will be higher. If the signal jammer has a strong If the heat dissipation capacity is high, the heat generated during the work can be released reasonably, so as to prevent the shielding device from being unable to be used normally due to the high temperature.