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Cell Phone Jammer Schematic Circuit Diagram

Perfectjammer 2021-06-12

Cell Phone Jammer Schematic Circuit Diagram

Phone shielding uses jumping technology. Uplink and downlink channels, Cell Phone Jammer Schematic Circuit Diagram Analyze the required occlusion frequency. Form a spherical force shield space. Intercept cell phone signals within the specified range. Unable to send and receive. There are other names, such as signal interference, telephone signal blocker, telephone blocker, deterrent device, and communication signal interference. It is suitable for meeting rooms, gas stations, oil depots, churches, hospitals and other places. Some people do not know the type of the product. There is a frame-style cell phone signal shield. This product has beautiful functions and telephone signal shielding function. Suitable for large conference rooms and high-end. There is effective shielding. Keep the exam order. It uses a photo frame camouflage design. Suitable for high-end venues. You can adjust the distance. Use built-in antenna design. cell phone jammer

Mobile phone signal jammers are moving in a safe direction. The mobile phone signal monitor allows staff to monitor the content of messages and phone numbers. Choose to install WiFi Shield to limit phone abuse. Multifunctional Cell Phone Jammer Schematic Circuit Diagram is a new type of high-tech information security product. Form an electromagnetic protection place. I cannot use wireless communication equipment. The electromagnetic signal radiated by the wireless signal stealth device only blocks the wireless communication signal in the shielded area. The electromagnetic signal from the radio signal jammer is very weak. Prevent the phone from contacting the base station. The frequency of GSM mobile phone is 900MHz/1800MHz. CDMA is 800MHz, PHS is 1900MHz. Mobile phone signal jammers can usually shield these four frequency bands. Suppress telephone signals within this range. You can buy radio jammers that use advanced technology. All have devices that suppress high frequencies. Information security protection The most concerned 4G frequency mobile phone signal jammer.

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