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Cell Phone Charging Blocks

Cook Thomas 2022-01-01

After recording on the mobile phone, there are squeaking sounds, and it is completely impossible to distinguish the content of the original sound. In principle, this Cell Phone Charging Blocks is quite innovative. At present, there are many types of anti-recording and eavesdropping products at home and abroad, most of which are interference through white noise. Although there is a certain interference effect, it is also a kind of noise pollution for all parties in the conversation, and even affects the body of the interviewer. healthy. Manager Zhang told me at the time that their company's cell phone jammer product produced suppressive interference to the voice signal through random noise signals, so that the digital recording equipment had only noise information, but could not distinguish the voice signal, and could not restore it from the recorded signal. The original information is output, so as to ensure the security of the voice information.

The working principle of a mobile phone jammer is to emit ultrasonic waves with random noise that the human ear cannot perceive. During recording, the disturbing noise and the sound of normal conversation are recorded into the recording device, making the recorded audio invalid. You can test the specific effects and choose the appropriate Cell Phone Charging Blocks . It depends on whether the interference effect of the mobile phone jammer is good or not. It depends on the type of mobile phone, the type of recording equipment and the interference distance. Some mobile phone jammers on the market have very short interference distances. , And there is a lot of noise after turning on the device.