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Cell Phone Dampening Field

Jones Nichole 2022-01-24

I am a freshman in high school this year, and my high school is not very good. Most of our classmates came here with a happy attitude for three years, but our class teacher decided to install a private Cell Phone Dampening Field in the class , to achieve the purpose of supervising us all the time. In fact, the school also has surveillance, and the surveillance will only be adjusted if something goes wrong. Our head teacher, myself, and the whole class think he is not worthy of being a teacher, and he does not give us any dignity at all. First of all, if something happens, he will use all kinds of dirty language to slander us, and cell phone jammer tramples on our dignity. He thinks that all his policies of oppressing others are for our own good, but our class's grades are almost at the bottom from the top five in the grade. Secondly, we are not allowed to go to the toilet, and we are not allowed to rest after class, including communicating with classmates, occupying dinner time, and our class must arrive at school much earlier than other classes in the morning and noon. He is basically in the class all the time except for class.

We are not allowed to talk or rest after class. If we fail to fall asleep in class, he may continue to punish us physically. My friend wrote a review of nearly 5,000 words a week, including a 900-word thank you letter. his whipping. It's like returning to the feudal society, he is the emperor, what he thinks must be what, we have no right to speak. What's more terrifying is that we can't take sick leave. In his eyes, taking sick leave is a crime. We are sorry for him. After writing so much, all in all, what is even scarier now is that he decided to install a private Cell Phone Dampening Field , we really have no choice, there are not one or two people in the class who want to drop out. Now we really can't live in this environment, and we feel that we are acting in everything we do. I hope the boss can teach you how to stop cell phone signal jammers. We really have nowhere to go. Really going to do something drastic, thank you again!