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Disable Cell Phones Jammer

Becker Juan 2021-10-8

Speaking of signal problems, I believe that many people have done this action before-when the mobile phone cannot receive the signal, hold the mobile phone and raise the arm to try to make the mobile phone receive the signal. This action can be said to be really "pleasant to hear", so the question is, does it really work? To specifically address this issue, related professionals have made it clear that in fact, this action of raising your hand is almost impossible to correct The signal caused a slight impact. Because the reception of Disable Cell Phones Jammer is only related to the surrounding environment, and does not have any relationship with any human actions. In daily life, there are some factors in the environment the user is in, which will affect the reception of data. For example, the spatial airtightness of the urban environment of the city where you live, the density of urban buildings, etc., are all important factors that affect data reception. In summary, if you are in the same environment, cell phone jammer No matter what actions are taken, it will not affect the receiving and dissemination of data. Therefore, in the future, don't just raise your arm to "find the signal" with your mobile phone. Instead of doing this useless, it's better to find an empty place with a signal.

It is usually closely related to the Internet. So about the network, the full name is "cellular mobile network", but why is it called "cellular mobile network"? This is really a question that can easily arouse the strong curiosity of others. So let’s respond to this: As mentioned earlier, mobile phone signals are transmitted in the air in the form of electromagnetic waves. Disable Cell Phones Jammer When the user takes the mobile phone to make a call, the mobile phone will convert the voice into a signal, and then In the form of electromagnetic waves, it is transmitted to the nearest base station A, and after receiving the signal, the base station A will pass through the switch to the base station B covering the mobile phone signal of the other party, and then the base station B will also send the signal to The other party’s mobile phone, and the mobile phone converts the signal into voice after receiving the letter, and finally because of this, the call between the two parties is successfully realized.