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Mobile phone jammers are not harmful to human health

Meehan Patrick April 10, 2021 10:30

Examination rooms, prisons, and detention centers often use mobile cell phone jammer to prevent someone from using mobile phones illegally. Signal jammers shield mobile phone signals by interfering with the base station's downlink signal. The principle of mobile phone jammers is that the frequency of the jammer itself interferes with the mobile phone receiving base station. The normal frequency of the mobile phone can not connect with the base station, so that it can't make and receive calls, receive and send text messages and surf the Internet.

As a kind of interference equipment, mobile phone signal jammers will cause harm to human health. It is also a concern of people. While mobile phone jammers can shield mobile phone signals and ensure information security, they will also have some negative effects. The problem is that mobile phone signal jammers will produce some radiation, but the radiation is very low, and it will not have an adverse effect on human health.

According to the inspection report of the authoritative testing organization, qualified mobile phone jammers will not have safety problems, and when selecting signal jammers, you must choose the appropriate signal jammer according to the area of ​​use, and don't be too demanding for the best shielding effect. However, the use of shielding equipment with too high frequency will not only cause waste, but also the radiation of equipment with high frequency will naturally increase, and it will also have some effects.

When using a mobile phone jammer, there may still be a signal display on the mobile phone. This is a false signal. When the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone and the outside world cannot be exchanged and connected. If the mobile phone loses the signal, it will always search for the signal and the mobile phone consumes power. It will be very large. During the test, if the mobile phone jammer is turned on, try to turn off the mobile phone or turn on the airplane mode, so as to avoid the mobile phone constantly searching for signals and causing serious power consumption.