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Massino Marius 2021-09-25

Used Cell Phone Jammer Is installed in all examination rooms. Set up in the monitoring room of 79 Middle School, three staff members can observe every move of candidates in the examination room through the monitoring screen. "If there is a cheater, the monitor will be able to find out immediately." A staff member said. According to requirements, these surveillance videos will also be made into CDs and reported to the province for future reference. The person in charge of the Dalian Education Bureau said that this year invested 23.6 million yuan to install electronic monitoring equipment in all test sites in the city. The city’s 63 test sites and 1,459 test sites have all passed provincial acceptance. He said that the "civil defense" and "technical defense" of the college entrance examination are now Pay equal attention to, cell phone jammer To protect the interests of candidates.

Mobile phone signal jammers-to silence the mobile phones in time. The above two measures have made the examination room clean, but just in case, each examination room has prepared Used Cell Phone Jammer to make the mobile phone "silence" completely. Regarding the above-mentioned preventive measures, the candidates interviewed randomly stated that it is very necessary to accept inspection and supervision in order to have a level playing field. An examinee who finished the first language test said that because he felt that these measures were in place, he felt more at ease in answering the papers.