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Do cell phone signal jammers stop the Bluetooth mouse?

Hello everyone! I want to know, is it possible to use a wifi jammer to block the wireless mouse? I want to control the mouse of my company. Their faces must be beautiful

2021-02-18 at 10:30


All these wireless mice use low-range Bluetooth connections for data transmission, and it is possible to block them, which is very possible. As long as you need to bring the mobile cell phone jammer device to the office, turning on the device will work within a radius of 5 meters (15 feet), shielding all wireless signals.

But we of Perfectjammer must warn you that Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz frequency, the same as Wi-Fi. Therefore, if you try to block Bluetooth, the wireless network will also be destroyed. The same is true for any type of webcams, Bluetooth speakers and other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based devices. Perhaps your prank ideas may work, you are free to try, but it is entirely your responsibility, you will face angry colleagues. Moreover, the device sometimes saves your smartphone from Bluesnarfing, which is now very popular among wireless hackers. Therefore, you may find that the signal jamming device is not only useful for pranks and entertainment.