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Can cell phone jammers be blocked through walls? ​​​​

Perfectjammer 2022/07/28

  First look at the shielding device itself, the shielding device emits radio frequency signals specially designed for mobile phone signals. The RF signal will be attenuated when it encounters obstacles in the transmission path, and the attenuation caused by different obstacles is different, such as facing the whole steel-concrete wall or brick-concrete wall, reinforced concrete wall and continuous two-sided brick-concrete wall , which can basically block the signal shielding of small and medium-power mobile phone signals. RF signals are already attenuated, so shielding cell phone signals usually cannot pass through walls. After all, shielding mobile phone signals is not X-ray, and it does not have the ability to penetrate directly. There will be certain refraction and reflection when encountering walls.

  In some cases, different wall materials have different degrees of attenuation for shielding mobile phone signals. For example, the wall is made of light steel keel gypsum board, its attenuation is small, such as glass, wooden doors, etc, the attenuation is also small.

Can cell phone jammers be blocked through walls

  In addition, if the mobile phone signal is blocked, it will also have a certain impact on the back of the wall through the open space of doors and windows or through the reflection and refraction of the wall, thus giving people an illusion. Cell phone signal jammer has the ability to penetrate.

  Many mobile and trailer homes are made of metal siding, which doesn't allow cell phone signals to pass through easily.

  RF signals that carry cellular communications cannot pass through metal. They are also at least partially blocked by other building materials such as wood, glass and asphalt.

  Older mobile homes are often covered with metal siding to prevent cell signals from penetrating the structure. Newer models are built to strict energy efficiency codes that require features like metal oxide coated windows and radiant barrier insulation.

  These energy-saving features work well to prevent heat and/or air conditioning from escaping from the mobile home, reducing energy costs. Unfortunately, by preventing energy loss, they also block the entry of cellular signals.

  You can probably see why it can sometimes be difficult to get reliable cell phone reception in a mobile home or trailer.

  In fact, whether it is a high-power mobile phone signal jammer or a small and medium-power mobile phone signal jammer, we do not recommend using it through the wall, the main reason is that the shielding effect cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing to install the signal jammer gps, try to install it in the place where the mobile phone signal needs to be shielded, and do not use it through the wall.