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Safely install and use jammers

Perfectjammer 2022/07/30

  When installing the equipment, pay attention to whether there are metal objects within 1 meter around the machine to avoid signal reflection, which will affect the shielding effect.

  Should know the orientation of the base station, and try to make the jammer gps direction of the shielding device follow the direction of the base station.

  Since there are many kinds of signals in an environment, and the strength of each kind of signal is different, knowing the signal strength of the scene can design and install the shielding device in a targeted manner.

  Fully understand the boundaries between shielded areas and non-shielded areas.

  In the absence of survey equipment, it is necessary to know the surrounding base stations of the installation site, how far is the visual distance, what base station, and the direction of the antenna of the base station is point there.

  In general, base stations in cities are mostly built on the roofs of taller buildings, and in suburbs or rural areas, they are mostly iron towers.Take waterproof and lightning protection measures for outdoor installation.

  If there is survey equipment, it is only necessary to record the signal strength of multiple points indoors and outdoors on site in detail.

  Design and installation

  According to the results of the survey, reasonable matching of jammer different signals has reached the most ideal state.If it is installed indoors, attention should be paid to whether the transmission frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room causes co-channel interference.

  The degree of interference in the unshielded area and the impact on the surrounding base stations should be fully considered: determine the general installation diagram.

  In the actual installation process, First install the place where the signal is strong (that is, the place closest to the base station), use the directional antenna, and start the installation along the direction of the base station antenna.

  Considering the floor height of the shielded area, since the high-level signal is better than the bottom layer, the installation sequence from top to bottom is adopted to achieve the best shielding effect.Explosion-proof machines should be installed in special environments such as gas stations and gas stations.

  Before installing the jammer device , be sure to install the antenna correctly according to the signs, and then turn on the power to avoid the machine from being burned out. The tolerance and safety distance of the existing indoor precision instruments and meters against different frequency interference must be considered.