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The higher power of the jammer the better effect? ​​​​

Perfectjammer 2022/07/28

  Because the greater the power of the signal jammer is, the wider its shielding range is, and it is easy to interfere with the normal operation of the nearby communication base stations and affect the normal life of the surrounding residents; at the same time, the greater the power of the signal jammer, the more interference electromagnetic waves it generates. The more it is, the more radiation it will produce, which may affect the human body; finally, due to the high cost of producing high-power signal jammers, when purchasing a signal jammer with higher power, the required capital cost It is even higher, and it is not cost-effective for some places where small and medium-sized signal jammers can meet the shielding requirements.

  For example, an indoor space design is about 350-600 square meters, and it is necessary to choose to interfere with the mobile phone signal interference of about 700 square meters. The interference power of the terminal mobile phone signal has a safety factor range of the output power.

  Some consumers said why when the short video signal is very close, most of the shop owners' machines will lose the expected effect, while some shop owners' expected effect will be very good.

  When the short video signal is close, the data signal has a greater impact on the expected effect. Is to follow the safety factor is to derive the power range. On the contrary, when the short video signal is very close, it is very good to interfere with the expected effect, and the export power is not bad.

  It should be noted that this jammer gps device has exceeded all normal use safety factor derived power. It is not that there will be harm to the uplink and downlink short video signals, and there are also potential safety hazards, so consumers who buy should pay attention. Therefore, the output power of the mobile phone signal jammer is not higher and higher.