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I think my phone is tapping. What can I do?

Recently, I feel that my mobile phone has some strange activities. I always open some software by myself, most of which are positioning software. I doubt if I have been monitored. I can use a mobile jammer to stop them?

2021-02-19 at 10:30


We have solved several of the same problems in the interference store. But this will not work for you. But there are still two possible solutions. You should check your mobile phone. There are many things about eavesdropping on mobile phones. First, due to the signal lag, you may have installed a monitoring application. Therefore, please try to check your app permissions and delete suspicious content if it is found. . We have heard of some eavesdropping problems, where evil people use fake Bluetooth headsets to eavesdrop on calls. In this case, a portable mobile cell phone jammer will be very useful.

You should check if anyone is trying to attack your smartphone. You can find more information about modern smartphone attacks in our security software. The last possible scenario is that someone made a transaction with your carrier and used his device to eavesdrop on your phone. Otherwise, the evil ones may use special devices to deceive the cell tower. In this case, all information sent and received by your phone passes through its server. To stop it-use cell phone jammer devices and go to the police, they have special equipment that can check if your smartphone is tapped.