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Device Jamming and Home Invasion

Perfectjammer 2022/07/27

  I hear a lot about people “cutting the cord” stating they are free from their wired line and more disturbing is the fact they brag about this online via social media to the public.

Device Jamming and Home Invasion

  This puts people at significant risk, risk that many are not aware of.

  Just like car lock jammers, cell phone jammers although illegal are still easy to come by.

  Cell phone jammers can be purchased online and the sites selling them have ways of shipping them to US residents and other countries, even though they are illegal.

  However if a criminal can buy an unlicensed firearm getting their hands on a cell phone jammer is not difficult.

  If a thief or home invader enables one of these devices from outside your home, your phone will no longer be able to get a signal and you will not be able to call any emergency numbers for assistance.

  Many of these jammers will also disrupt Wi-Fi so all communication can easily be disable inside of a home with the flip of a switch on these devices.

  Although more and more people are “cutting the cord” this also raises challenges for traditional alarm systems which rely on land lines.

  If a land line is cut, this usually triggers and alert at the alarm monitoring station.

  Nowadays alarms have the option of being wired through an internet connection, or use cellular connections.

  However, these two newer methods have issues, if the Internet or cellular connection goes down the alarm provider is usually not alerted.

  A thief can easily cut the Internet connection from outside of a house, and we have seen what is possible with a cell phone jammer.

  Many carriers are selling additional home automation and security devices and services ranging from alarm systems, cameras and locks.

  However, one has to wonder how well these devices and security measures function when a jammer gps is introduced to the mix, particularly as criminals become more tech savvy.

  These jammers can also disrupt industrial systems, and given enough power can knock out cell reception for a few blocks, so it is conceivable these types of tactics can not only be deployed by criminals, but expanded into the arsenal of extremist groups as part of an attack.