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Military exercises reflect the importance of GPS signal to the military

Perfectjammer 2022/07/26

  According to a rare report, the U.S. Air Force announced that the "18-1" Red Flag exercise has obvious major advantages. In the nearly one-month exercise, advanced aircraft of the United States and its allies will take off twice a day, and the night combat execution environment is complex. This exercise is also an automatic exercise. Since its launch in 1980, the largest and closest Red Flag exercise to actual combat, the Air Force hopes to put the ships and allied air forces under unified command and merge into a huge "air assault group", with high-intensity modern air combat and air strikes, Defeat all opponents.

Military exercises reflect the importance of GPS signal to the military

  The development of technology is more widely used in GPS technology, which is also very important in military use.U.S. military experts said that in order to maximize restrictions, the U.S. military used GPS signals in areas close to the battlefield in the closed exercise, which meant that a large number of domestic civil aviation flights were severely affected, which also showed that the exercise was "real" from the side. Still don't make such a big sacrifice.

  Having a GPS jammers device is like having an umbrella.The U.S. military believes that the country is likely to have the ability to jam GPS technology in the fight against its rivals, so it prepared for the worst and showed us its true strength without the help of GPS.

  Military experts said that the United States has recently become a very large military force in Northeast Asia, and its means of warfare are very powerful. The largest red flag exercise in history has also been held in the United States, which shows that the US military is actively preparing for the Peninsular War and preparing for us. Provocation, China and Russia have issued the strongest warning: no door-to-door riots are allowed, China and Russia will cooperate closely to prevent conflicts as much as possible, and it will be like going to a war without red lines between China and Russia.

  Many important facilities in our lives require GPS satellite signals to guide directions, and GPS interference can cause serious losses and even irreparable accidents.The GPS signal is a familiar one used in our cars, cell phones and smart watches.

  Foreign hostile forces interfere with GPS?

  On the modern battlefield, GPS signals are linked to the existence of an army and possibly the survival of a nation.GPS satellite positioning signals and navigation need to be used in any country, in any industry, and in any industry. As long as the signal is blocked, it is very likely to cause serious consequences.

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