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Does the portable mobile phone jammer have an indicator light?

Hello everyone! Some people may think that this is not very important, the mobile phone jammer has an indicator light? What is the difference between working and not working?

2021-03-17 at 10:30


You did the right thing and asked this question! When you choose the mobile cell phone jammer you want to buy to deal with the problem, there is no "unimportant" problem. As for the indicators, most cell phone jammers have them, and at least one indicator shows that the signal jammer is powered on and is now working. But there is more.

A mobile phone signal jammer like this has two LED indicators, which show the working and charging operations respectively. Signal jammers also have other types of indicators. Those LED lights are located on the top of the jammer and are separated according to the jammed zone currently working, so their LED indicators are also brightened. Therefore, when choosing a cell phone jammer, please look carefully and consider the indicators you need.