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Being distracted while reading smartphone while driving is dangerous

Perfectjammer 2022/08/04

  Are you one of the drivers who use a mobile phone while driving? Probably because the number of people using such digital tools while driving in France is growing rapidly. Obviously, it's worth remembering that distraction from reading a smartphone screen is dangerous, and has been the cause of so many accidents in recent years that Road Safety is starting to worry about it.

Being distracted while reading smartphone while driving is dangerous

  Manufacturers aren't left out either, with Nissan coming up with a concept called "signal shielding." It's a storage compartment in the armrest with a cage that blocks phone signals (bluetooth, wifi and cellular). But why use this system when the driver can simply turn off the phone or put the phone in airplane mode? Nissan's cell phone jammer cheaply responds that it's for the driver who doesn't necessarily feel obligated to turn off his device provides an opportunity for choice.

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