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High power jammers are widely used in daily life

Perfectjammer 2022/07/26

  With the development of unmanned technology, wireless technology and artificial intelligence, GPS jammers are not new to us.Interference with important wireless communications (eg wireless) is possible.

  In these research institutions, the confidentiality is extremely high, and there is no information leakage, so multi-functional high-power jammer equipment is widely used in such places.Can not give the audience a better visual experience.Because of long-term use of mobile phones, high-power GPS waves are required for blocking.

High power jammers are widely used in daily life

  In the research unit, the state protects the research data, and the research results are safe.In a large conference room, in order to ensure that the conference process is not disturbed, the conference content is kept confidential and not stolen, and a high-power signal jammer is used to intercept the eavesdropping of the eavesdropping device.

  In the prison, in order to prevent the imprisoned terrorists from contacting the outside world, or to avoid the possibility of some prisoners escaping, high-power jammers are used to cut off the connection with the outside of the prison, and only the corresponding signal spectrum is allowed to communicate to ensure the security of the prison.

  They use high-power jammers with multiple functions. On the one hand, some may interfere with internal personnel and may steal equipment data, on the other hand, some external research equipment can interfere with the signal.Therefore, in order to ensure the orderly progress of the performance, it is necessary to use this high-power jammer in the theater.By introducing a cellular radio wave blocker, you can make your movements in class unusable and focus on the lesson.

  In theaters, performance units install and use high-power jammers to interfere with signals for better performances, because during the performance, many people will use actors to take pictures, and taking pictures with flash is uncomfortable for the actors' eyes, so they cannot be very Well, play to your best level.

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