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Addressing GPS Jammer Threats

Perfectjammer 2022/07/25

  For most of March 2022, North Korea directed GPS jammers signals across the border towards Seoul.While the U.S. military has yet to experience much, if any, battlefield GPS interference, the threat is there.

  The most tangible evidence of this comes from North Korea, which has long been making, selling and using GPS jammers.In all of these cases, ships and aircraft have backup navigation systems that turn on when GPS becomes unreliable.A separate jammer targets mobile traffic.

Addressing GPS Jammer Threats

  It took less than a day to confirm that the signal came from North Korea, mainly for the South Korean capital Seoul.The usual response to GPS jamming is to bomb jammers, which are easy to find.

  North Korea attacked South Korea with a massive GPS jamming campaign.Distraction is more annoying than threat, and most military equipment is equipped with electronics and other enhancements to defeat it.

  The disruption started in late April and lasted more than two weeks.But such a response could lead to more fighting in North Korea, so the South protested and did not respond with force.The North Korean interference confirmed what was already suspected.It's causing intermittent issues for users of GPS devices and more phone connection issues

  The jamming had little effect inside the city and was only noticed by hundreds of planes landing or taking off from local airports and over a hundred ships operating near the coast.GPS jamming signals can be detected as far as one hundred kilometers south of the DMZ.

  This is how navigation systems are designed, especially those that rely on external satellite signals.This is the third time North Korea has used GPS jamming against South Korea.So now South Korean and American electronic warfare experts have the opportunity to study the impact of jamming on metropolitan areas.

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