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How to block internet connection?

Hello everyone! I have one necessary thing to do-this thing is to block the internet connection in the surrounding area. How can I do this in a reliable way?

2021-03-15 at 10:30


If you need to block Internet connections in locations around you, then you have to know one thing: you cannot block the cable Internet unless you are cutting the cable, but other types of Internet (such as wireless networks powered by WiFi and Bluetooth connections) It can also be easily jammed. You can use wireless internet wifi jammer because they can handle various WiFi and Bluetooth internet connections within their blocking radius. There are several models for you to choose from, this choice will ensure that you really have the wifi jammer you need, whether it's a portable or a desktop.

Nowadays, due to the existence of wifi jammers, it has become a reality to protect the Internet from intrusions from external sources through wireless signals. However, there are other types of signal blocking devices that may help you in other situations, so if these situations occur, please find various sources of interference, and then choose one for you!