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Mobile signal jammers can be installed along national borders​​​​

Perfectjammer 2022/08/05

  The spillover of Indian mobile phone signals across the international border is facilitating communication between terrorists and the service providers have failed to ensure that the signal is rendered unusable within 500 metres of the border, a report by the Intelligence bureau has said.

Mobile signal jammers can be installed along national borders​​​​

  The IB made this disclosure in a recent report sent to the ministry of communications. The report was necessitated by intercepts of conversations between terrorists which proved that the spillover was facilitating infiltration by terrorists.

  India is keen to control the potential spillover of mobile phone signals across borders to eliminate unauthorized access to mobile networks in countries such as Pakistan.

  In a counter-terrorism measure, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) may place jammers at India's borders to block cell phone signals from neighbouring countries.

  The first jammers occurred on the India-Pakistan border, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can address the mobile phone problem, suggesting that through diplomatic channels there may be spillover effects on India's border with its neighbors.

  The DoT's technology arm, the Telecommunications Engineering Centre (TEC), has considered the possibility of creating an electronic fence by "installing jammers to block GSM and CDMA phone signals from foreign operators in neighbouring countries". I am here. However, the Pentagon has been less enthusiastic about the proposed jammer gps deployment.