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Threats posed by GPS jamming and spoofing devices

Perfectjammer 2022/07/22

  During the GNSS Vulnerability 2012 event at the UK's National Physical Laboratory on Wednesday, experts discussed the threat posed by a growing number of GPS jamming and spoofing devices.Another jammers gps "probe" provided results that actually resulted in law enforcement retrieving a jamming device based on the regularity of its use.

  Auto rental companies use GPS in the US to track whether customers violate the terms of a rental contract by speeding or leaving a geographic area. GPS is also being used by auto insurance companies for "pay as you go" policies that offer reduced rates for drivers, metering their bill based on how far and when they drive, as well as other factors.

Threats posed by GPS jamming and spoofing devices

  Trucking companies use GPS systems to monitor the location of their trucks and cargo, and to keep tabs on their drivers' compliance with company rules and federal regulations.In late 2009, a single truck using a GPS jammer caused headaches for technicians at Newark Liberty International Airport as it interfered with a navigation aid every time the truck passed on the New Jersey Turnpike.So far, the project has installed 20 sensors at roadside locations throughout the UK to detect GPS jamming "incidents."

  The increasing popularity of the jammers is troubling, according to conference organizer, because even low-power GPS jammers pose a significant threat to cell phone systems, parts of the electrical grid, and the safety of drivers.Over the last six months, one sensor alone recorded over 60 incidents of GPS jamming.

  To get a sense of the extent of the use of these jammers gps and the reliability of GPS signals, the UK's National Physical Laboratory is taking part in a research project called SENTINEL, along with a coalition of other organizations and companies led by navigation equipment manufacturer Chronos Technology.Truck drivers and other drivers who want to conceal their movements from tracking devices sometimes use basic GPS jammers embedded in their vehicles.

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