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GPS shows a different location than what the user already knows

Pode Visar 2022/09/26

  The disruption occurred during NATO's largest exercise since the end of the Cold War in 1991. South government communication agency. At seemingly random times, the position displayed by GPS is different from that known by users.

  After complaining to the city for several months, the local residents collected the evidence of the problem and sent it to the United States.

  Russia denies responsibility, though it is known to have long-range jammers with GPS and other signals. It's pointless to complain to your Iranian counterparts.

  The most striking project is that all GPS failures occurred near the Iranian Army Command and Staff University. The Iranian source asked if the Americans were aware of the problem and what could be done.

GPS shows a different location than what the user already knows

  Despite their internet censorship, there are still many Tehran residents who have family or friends in other countries who can call or contact them over the internet.

  The Iranian government's failure to address the GPS issue prompted some Iranians to report the incident to other countries.

  The forms sent to Americans show several interesting patterns. Many Iranians have access to foreign news.

  Another peculiarity of this problem is that it only happens in a small area, and this place moves in a circle at a speed of about 35 kilometers per hour.

  Pay attention to automobile signal interference and other products. Attention should be paid to product interference, such as WiFi signal interference.

  Developers and users of drone jammers are generally silent on this, as such things are illegal in peacetime, especially when civilians themselves experience GPS jamming.

  When America.S. tests military GPS jamming, it is done at sea or in remote areas, alerting nearby civilians who may experience GPS problems to take the appropriate action.

  This alarm policy, which has been in place for decades as new electronic device designs continue to proliferate, can cause problems for civilians when the magnitude of the damaging effects is larger than expected.

  Deception is becoming increasingly popular and useful because it does not require expensive or high-tech equipment. Complaints include a list of GPS error events, including the time, known location, and the wrong location reported by the phone's GPS.

  Although.S. weapons and military navigation systems are protected in the form of non-jamming INS (Internal Navigation System) systems, these systems are useless unless deception is detected, adding to the convenience of GPS jammers.

  Other countries complain less covertly, and the culprit is often Russia. In late 2018, Finland and Norway publicly accused Russia of deliberately jamming GPS signals in northern Finland and Norway near Russian military bases on the Kola peninsula in the Barents Sea.