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Jammers generate fixed frequency bands to jam the signal

Perfectjammer 2022/09/20

  A professional jammer that jams signals from GPS tracking and cell phone calls and provides you with quiet, private peace and time.

Jammers generate fixed frequency bands to jam the signal

  Jammers can limit cell phone signals to 200 meters. Rest assured, it will only interfere with the signal; no other ill effects on the phone. The working voltage is stable within 3 seconds after power-on. All phones within range will be stuck for the next 30 seconds. We know that there is a specific baud rate and modulation system between the cell phone and the base station to transmit data over radio waves. The GPS jammers generates a signal in a fixed frequency band to interfere with the signal between the mobile phone and the base station, so as to achieve the purpose.

  Will the jammer interfere with the signal of other electronics other than cell phones? The signals of jammers were previously set for mobile phones. We know that electronic products have different working frequency bands, and jammers cannot interfere with these signals. A weak jammer's electromagnetic signals will not cause harm to the human body and mobile phone.

  Jammers can also interfere with GPS tracking. Bring a jammer into your car and it creates an electromagnetic field to protect your orbit from GPS satellite tracking. Make sure that those GPS products cannot receive and transmit signals.