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The UK to use jammer tech on rooftops of Metropolitan New Scotland Yard 

Perfectjammer 2022/09/20

  The UK is set to use sophisticated drone jamming technology at major public and sporting events for detecting, tracking, and disrupting the controls of any rogue unmanned aerial vehicles flown remotely by terrorists as airborne weapons.

  According to the Sunday Times (The Sunday Times), a radar device was installed on the roof of the New Scotland Yard (New Scotland Yard) at the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police (Metropolitan Police). Near Whitehall, where World War II was commemorated in early December.

The UK to use jammer tech on rooftops of Metropolitan New Scotland Yard 

  The equipment, made by a consortium of British firms and a more advanced version of the kit used by some celebrities to protect their privacy, is capable of detecting, tracking, and disrupting the controls of any rogue drones flown remotely by terrorists as airborne weapons, the newspaper claims.

  Earlier, there was growing concern that terrorists might use drones carrying explosives or radioactive material to carry out attacks.

  The photo seen by this newspaper shows that there is a beige scanning device on the roof of New Scotland Yard, and two defense industry experts identified it as an anti-UAV defense system.

  The report quoted security sources as saying that the deployment of the radar device on the November anniversary was a test and that action was being taken to put the system into operation to protect against major incidents on a regular basis.

  “The Metropolitan Police Service really enjoyed the trial and other security operations went well that day,” an official said.

  The portable system can detect drones up to five miles away using electronic radar.

  It uses a photoelectric camera to track the drone and then interferes with the radio signal that controls it, forcing it to land.

  The system, worth about # 700,000, can detect and destroy a drone in less than 15 seconds.

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