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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

GPS tracking systems can hide in secret places and harm your career or life

Pode Visar 2022/09/20

  Think about the last time you felt a negative emotion---like stress, anger, or frustration. What do you think when you experience negativity? Do you have a lot of ideas in your head? Or paralyzed, unable to think? What bothers you and depresses you? In this era of rapid development, everything is not arbitrary. Take mobile phones, for instance. It was originally designed to make our life more convenient and happy. Despite the fact that people are starting to use their phones without limits, they don‘t like talking, they rarely greet their neighbors, and they even whine all day long. We need another similar product, the GPS jammers for mobile phones, to change that.

GPS tracking systems can hide in secret places and harm your career or life

  Another major cause of your upset is called a GPS tracking system, which can hide in secret places and damage your career or life. The next time you're in negative emotion, give yourself a space to feel the emotion and see what happens. carry a piece of paper with you that says: stop immersion. Soak for a while. Do I want to keep this negative mood?

  In order to make the operation of the signal jammer easier, some high-power signal jammers are now designed with optional buttons that allow people to decide the interference frequency band and the interference distance, and now the hand-held optional signal jammer now also has options that allow people to choose Interfering frequency band.

  In order to make it easier for people to choose the interference frequency band according to the actual situation, there are various types of hand-held optional signal jammers, and there are other types of hand-held optional signal jammers, so choose the right one.

EO-08-007 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammers 2G 3G 4G LTE Lojack GPS WiFi

LOJACK Blocker

As the most popular handheld jammer, this product is small and easy to carry. Can block frequencies in 8 bands and has a very large interference range. With an independent frequency control switch, you can turn on or off the frequencies you want to jam as needed. With a car charger, you can use it while driving. This product has a perfect cooling system and can run continuously for a long time. The shell is made of thermally conductive metal with good heat dissipation.


Portable  Jammer

The latest review of 12 bands handheld signal jammer

It is a great cell phone jammer after a while you get used to how to measure the dBm. Truly amazing product , I am planning to buy couple more....

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