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Three men steal more than 40 cars using GPS jammers 

Perfectjammer 2022/09/20

  Inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ three men stole over 40 luxury cars using hi-tech tools, including scanners and GPS jammers, police said on Friday after arresting them.

  They said the defendants were identified as Manish Rao (42) and Jagdeep Sharma (43), both residents of Uttam Nagar, as well as Yas Mohammed (40) of Uttar Bong Meerut. And Rao Sharma was caught trading a stolen car. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Manoj C, said the car had been stolen in the Paschim Vihar area.

Three men steal more than 40 cars using GPS jammers 

  They said that during the search for stolen vehicles, various instruments were found, including sensor kits, magnets, LNT keys, and eight remote control car keys.

  Muhammad, the main supplier of the stolen vehicles, was also arrested, police said, adding that he had sold the vehicles in Rajasthan. The accused were inspired by the Hollywood movie ‘The Fast & the Furious‘ and used scanners to unlock the cars within minutes and a jammer to disable the GPS if it was installed in the car, the DCP said.

  The three men were members of the notorious “Ravi Uttam Nagar Gang”.

  The three accused disclosed that they along with their leader Ravi have stolen over 40 cars since April from various areas of the city, including Uttam Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Subash Nagar, Paschim Vihar, Munirka, and Dwarka among others, and sold them in Rajasthan and Meerut, the DCP said.

  "The defendant disclosed that by using a software-based hacking device, they opened the car and after formatting the car software, installed the new software with the help of the device. The new keys were ready, and they stole the car in two or three minutes,” the police chief said.”.

  After stealing the car, police said, they parked it outside the community, near hospitals and other places where no CCTV cameras were installed.

  Police said they had delivered vehicles to buyers on demand.

  Police added that two pistols, five bullets, a tool kit, a hacking device, 30 car keys, tools, and seven stolen vehicles had been recovered from their belongings.

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