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Disconnect the jammer of WiFi2.4G and WiFi5.8G signals at the same time

Gleason Arliss 2022/09/22

  Now people use cell phone jammers to block cell phone signals to get rid of cell phone call noise and cell phone signal tracking devices, and also use GPS signal jammers to cut off GPS tracker signals, then make GPS tracking devices lose the ability to track people, Thus creating a peaceful and safe environment for people. But now more and more people are paying attention to the security of the network and looking for a good device to help them achieve their goals.

Disconnect the jammer of WiFi2.4G and WiFi5.8G signals at the same time

  We can see that most of the WiFi jammers sold on the market now combine mobile phone frequency bands, GPS signal frequency bands, and other working frequency bands to meet the needs of many people. But there are still many people who only need to disconnect the WiFi2.4G and WiFi5.8G signals at the same time.

  Just like different people, different sizes and styles of clothing fit them, so when people choose signal blocking, everything is different, some people need cell phone blocking, some people need GPS blocking, some people need WiFi jammers, and Some people need a multipurpose signal shield, and many now need an RF signal shield.

  When you come here, you will know that different signal jammers have been divided into different categories according to design, jamming function, etc. Through the catalog, people can easily find the catalog that they should click into and find the right and most suitable signal jammer. You'll find a catalog specifically designed for car GPS jammers. If you want, just go into that directory and see the details.