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Can mobile jammers block wifi signals?

Can the mobile phone jammer block the WiFi signal within a certain range? Do you have any good suggestions for heat dissipation?


The Wifi signal is strange, but if it is strong, it has a complete grid. When it is weak, there is no signal at all. The staff of the mobile company repeatedly checked whether the line is normal. It may affect normal communication and Internet access. After some tests, I guess I blocked the wifi signal with a cell phone jammer. The wifi signal broke into his body. I bought a jamming device installed in my home. I use a mobile phone jammer to block the signal at home. I am not sure if the community radio signal will occasionally appear. I don't worry about how the neighbors feel. Signal jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals such as conference rooms and examination rooms. Wireless signal jammers have become a popular tool to avoid the influence of mobile phone communication during meetings and exams, and to prevent information leakage and exam fraud. The existing signal hiding device is mainly a manual control interference switch. The program cannot be set automatically. The work intensity is high. There are inconveniences in use. The stealth device does not have a monitoring device. Cannot be repaired in time. Excessive temperature of the mobile phone jammer will damage the circuit.