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Turn off the signal jammer power and all targets in the area will resume work

Perfectjammer 2022/09/20

  With the development of wireless communication technology, a series of serious privacy leakage problems have emerged, especially in the use of mobile phones. For example, using a mobile phone in a meeting can leak if the battery is not removed. In addition, there is a new threat to gas stations, oil fields, and oil depots that may cause fires or explosions; a new way of manipulation is employed in the examination room. So the jammer interceptor was invented to solve the above problems. It is a new security product. Through its special signal, it forms a protection network in a specific area to block the connection between the mobile phone and the base station. Mobile phones in the area have been suspended.

Turn off the signal jammer power and all targets in the area will resume work

  Powerful signal jammer/blocker for 2g 3g 4g mobile phones, Wi-Fi, GPS, stealth headphones, and bone conduction radio systems. Only interferes with the target signal and does not cause damage to the target or other electronic devices. Turn off the power, signal jammer/Signal Jammer will stop working, and all target phones in the area will resume working immediately.

  Sometimes we can see the signal displayed on the phone after the jammer works, which is an illusion, actually. Press any bottom and you'll see no signal on the phone. The jamming signal used to be set for cell phones. We know that electronic products have different working frequency bands, and jammers cannot interfere with these signals. A weak electromagnetic interference signal will not cause harm to the human body and mobile phone.

  As a general signal interference interceptor, it can also disable the satellite tracking of vehicle GPS. It‘s boring and dangerous if GPS trackers are sneaked into our cars by bad guys, and we should be against it, otherwise, we won‘t be able to keep ourselves safe. Put a signal jammer/interceptor in your car and make it work, and it will give the GPS jammers the wrong look. For example, you drive out of the garage, but the GPS tracker cannot pick up the signal from the satellites, so the tracker records the same as before.