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Car with cell phone jammers on Interstate 4 crippling the signal of those around you 

Perfectjammer 2022/09/19

  No one likes to see distracted drivers on the road, but Jason Humphries has gone too far (actually several steps) in trying to solve this problem. Florida hasn‘t yet outlawed talking on the phone while driving, so for two years, Humphreys carried a powerful cellphone jammer in his car during the daily commute to work. On a section of Interstate 4, the jammer weakened the cell phone signal of people around him.

Car with cell phone jammers on Interstate 4 crippling the signal of those around you 

  Humphries's goal is likely to be to prevent nearby drivers from calling, texting, or checking Facebook subscriptions while driving. But as the FCC angrily pointed out, he may also have unknowingly interrupted "first response communications" such as 911 calls. Cell phone jammers are illegal in the United States-largely because they can easily block emergency calls. Humphries now faces a $48,000 fine for reckless stunts, the commission said.

  He almost escaped. It wasn't Verizon, AT & T, or Sprint that discovered the problem. Instead, MetroPCS eventually noticed that the received signal was flat at the same point along I-4 twice a day. Once the FCC became aware of the situation, it used “sophisticated interference detection techniques“ to track the problem down to Humphreys and his Toyota Highlander. When the officers finally pulled him over, it didn't take long to confirm their suspicions. As they approached Humphrys's car, the officers immediately noticed that their radio had lost all contact with dispatch. The FCC is using the unfortunate case to remind consumers that using a GPS jammers is “illegal under any circumstances“ and can also result in jail time — though it seems Humphreys only needs to worry about the damage to his bank account.

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