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In the UK and Japan, anyone can have a jammer 

Perfectjammer 2022/09/19

  Mobile phone interference laws are different around the world. In the UK and Japan, for example, anyone can have a signal jammer, as long as they don't use it.

  Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, and others, allow police or prison officials to use signal jammers.

  Schools in China and India use signal jammers to stop cheaters. Mexico allows signal jammers in churches and hospitals. Pakistan allows intervention in banks and libraries.

In the UK and Japan, anyone can have a jammer 

  Most countries, including the United States, use signal jammer to thwart cellphone-triggered bomb attacks on government leaders. As President Obama walked down Pennsylvania Avenue after his inauguration, all the cell phones in the area were jammed.Us forces use signal jammers to prevent roadside bomb attacks in Iraq.

  In fact, tough U. S. laws against interlopers apply to everyone but federal officials. Which raises the question: right?

  American jails want to use signal jammers. So are the police. When we do this, many cinemas, restaurants, and other businesses do the same. Some people also want to use signal jammers.

  Who decides that only federal officials can use cell phone signal jammers?

  A bill now passing in Congress called the Secure Prison Communications Act of 2009 would allow the governor or federal director of prisons to request permission from the Federal Communications Commission to use signal jammers in prisons.

  Prison officials hope so because prisoners often smuggle cell phones into the prison. Prison officials in California alone confiscated 2,800 cell phones last year.

  Prisoners use cell phones to commit crimes and intimidate victims and witnesses.

  Prisoners use cell phones to bypass surveillance communication systems used between people inside and outside the prison. They also keep segregated prisoners in touch — gang members and terrorists, for example.

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